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Here’s a basic workflow when a customer comes with nothing but an idea and the decision to carry it out. We’re going to make it happen in these steps:

Ideas & Concept

We explore your ideas for the project and create the DNA: What, How, Who, Why, What for, Where, When. We discover the Name, Tagline, Mission / Vision and design a work plan.

Branding & Logo

We design the logo and the brand. We put together the whole design system of the project: the colors, typography, shapes and elements. We create a brand manual with all the original deliverables.

Stationary & Printed Media

We define and design all the printing designs that your project needs: business cards, letterhead sheets, envelopes, folders, notepads, flyers, billboards, posters.

Web Design & Development

We design the website for your project goals, compliant with all current quality and technology standards: responsive design, mobile first, WordPress CMS or custom programming, fast and easy-to-maintain sites. We register the domain and host the web.

Content Creation

We create text and image quality user-oriented content to achieve the desired result. Copywrite creation, proof reading to populate your website and designs with relevant, SEO-friendly content.

Photography & Video

We shoot all the photography you need: product photo, catalogues, team photos, mugshots, location photography, fashion photography, you name it. And we produce videos for all purposes.

Translations & Subtitles

If your project requires it, we can translate it into Spanish, place it on the web and in all the handouts needed. If we produce videos, we translate / transcribe and subtitle them.

Marketing & Social Media

Once we launch your project, having your website online and everything ready, we activate marketing actions to bring in the audience according to your needs. Online advertising campaigns and social media profile management.


If you need help organizing yourself or your project, improving your performance as a public speaker or unlocking your best potential, we can help!

All design and communication solutions, ask me about your project!

We can offer you design and communication solutions for all types of projects and budgets, payment methods and needs. Free advice and professional consulting for your project totally free.

Gisela Giardino

Gisela Giardino

Digital Designer

Hi! Since 2002 I work in web design, graphic design, digital services, content creation and English-Spanish translations. In 2010 I turned into a professional photographer as well, shooting mostly corporate and social events. My work keeps me in constant training, motion and connection with diverse people, disciplines, places and worldviews. This is for me the most wonderful thing about my career. I became a TED translator, creating subtitles for in 2008. I attended TED 2011 in Long Beach and since then I am part of the organizing team of TEDxRíodelaPlata, in charge of the English-Spanish subtitles of the talks and the photography of the events. In all these years I put together a wonderful team of professionals that help me deliver high quality services, consistently. I studied coaching and NLP to assist my clients should they required it. I am the singer of the pop rock band GO! and in my spare time I ride my Fiat 600 ’64. For more professional-friendly info, check my CV at Linkedin.

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