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Photography & Video

Photography production & Video. Corporate and Social Events

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Professional photography for all kind of events: corporate events, business presentations, product roll outs and marketing actions. Photo shooting in locations and venues. Awards Ceremonies, galas, meetings and networking breakfasts.

Photo shooting of social events: weddings, books, birthdays, bar mitzvah, birthday parties, divorces… personal books. Anything you want to have a professional memory of, we can cover it.

Photography for product catalogues, photo product, mugshots and profile photos for team members. Photos for Instagram. Fashion photography.

Photography for music bands and all kinds of cultural activities.

Budgets for all types of projects and needs. Request a quote!


Video production. Documentaries, trailers, institutional videos, advertising, explanatory videos, tutorials and scribe (hand that writes), animation, music clips, coverage of activities and many more. Approaching the work with a 100% video-oriented focus as an effective and necessary communication tool for today’s times.

Multimedia projects are all developed with my team, all video, animation and design professionals with an average of 15 years of experience in each of our disciplines.

Videos can be subtitled in Spanish, English and transcribed to improve their accessibility.

Examples of my photography services

Videos we produced

Fiesta Fin de Año BAPRO Microcréditos
Documental Empujar – Facundo Manes  
Cobertura Semana de la moda
Scribe Animación Explicativo  
Cobertura Evento
Institucional tipo Publicitario  

The Process of making a video

Through meetings with you, we get into the goals and details of the project, such as the audience it aims to, the style desired, the impact expected, distribution channel, content, aesthetics and brand to be used and many other important points. Fonts, examples, comments, phrases, texts, images, and as many elements as needed are compiled to develop a successful video.

At this stage we work on a storyboard and the narration of the video (if it has one). We iterate changes at all levels (aesthetics, contents, narratives, speed, music, etc.) until we get to a satisfactory product we all agree with and it’s within budget. Storyboard and Storytelling are the foundation of production, so this step is crucial to the end result. A good video is always such because it has something good to tell and is well told.

In this stage we get to work with the production team. We create the video itself, all the elements it will contain. If it is filmed, all necessary shots are filmed and taken on location and with the staff and actors involved. The narration work is done. If animated, all screens, clips, and animations are developed.

Finally, the post-production or editing stage is very important because everything produced is assembled to match what was agreed in the Storyboard and spliced with the narration. A first released is displayed, the necessary details are adjusted, and the final video is delivered.


Web design in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Web Design

Website design, one-page and landing pages. WordPress development, dynamic sites with CMS. Responsive design (correct display on mobile and tablets). Redesign, mockups and pixel perfect prototyping. Custom developments. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQL.

Logo design, corporate identity, brand in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graphic Design

Business Identity design: Brand, logo and branding. Typography. Stationery design: business cards, flyers, posters, street ads, banners and billboards, brochures and signs. Album covers. Brand manual and style guide creation.

Photographer for events, books, catalogs, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photography & Video

Photography for corporate events and celebrations, weddings and parties. Product photography and outdoors location shootings. Mugshots. Portraits. Catalogues and Books. Video production: documentary, commercials, short films, music clips. Scribe and animation.

Content writer, reviewer and editor. Buenos Aires Argentina translator


Content creation for websites, advertising and advertising. Copywrite, proofreading and editing of all kinds of texts, ads, papers and literature. Storytelling techniques.

Digital Marketing & Social Media. Online advertising in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marketing & Social Media

S.E.O. Search Engine Optimisation for websites. Organic search results. Digital Advertising: Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram Ads. Social media profiles and community management.

Translation english spanish, subtitles, closed captions

Translation & Subtitles

English – Spanish translations and Subtitles. General language, academic papers, business copywrite and legal documments. Subtitles for movies, talks, events, commercials and all kinds of videos. Review and proofreading.

Gisela Giardino

Gisela Giardino

Digital Designer

Hi! Since 2002 I work in web design, graphic design, digital services, content creation and English-Spanish translations. In 2010 I turned into a professional photographer as well, shooting mostly corporate and social events. My work keeps me in constant training, motion and connection with diverse people, disciplines, places and worldviews. This is for me the most wonderful thing about my career. I became a TED translator, creating subtitles for in 2008. I attended TED 2011 in Long Beach and since then I am part of the organizing team of TEDxRíodelaPlata, in charge of the English-Spanish subtitles of the talks and the photography of the events. In all these years I put together a wonderful team of professionals that help me deliver high quality services, consistently. I studied coaching and NLP to assist my clients should they required it. I am the singer of the pop rock band GO! and in my spare time I ride my Fiat 600 ’64. For more professional-friendly info, check my CV at Linkedin.

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