Graphic Design: Brand, Logo Design, Stationary, Flyers

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Brand, Logo Design, Stationary, Flyers and more

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Brand & Logos

Logo design and brand identity design. Building the concept a project.


Billboards, roll-ups, banners, signs, ads, street graphic design.


Business cards, stationary design. Sheets, envelopes and packaging.


Flyers, Brochures, Handouts, giveaways, posters. Commercial works and collaterals.

How to design a logo and business DNA that works

Any new project, business or organization requires something basic to exist: a name and a graphic element -a logotype- to be identified. It’s the place to start. Once we give a name to our project, we bring it to life. Graphic design, especially oriented to logos and brand design, is more than just drawing or doodling, or finding a beautiful typography which to type a name with. It is the art and discipline of exploring and interpreting a set of signs, of ideas, feelings, aspirations, images and metaphors that make up the DNA of a project, its goal and foundation, and translate it into graphic language in an effective and efficient way.

In other words, the design of a logo and an entire brand involves creating a set of elements that can convey, in a compact, simple and memorable way, the identity of a project or an organization.

So what do we need to keep in mind to create a logo, a brand that works? Without getting into academic stuff, we can certainly agree that to design and create a project DNA and an effective logo, the following cannot be missed:

Who am I? We explore everything that has to do with the essence of the project: Mission / Vision, What, Why, Where, When, How, Who, What For. We search for inspirations, aspirations, competitors and context. We have to understand who we are. And who we are not. Differentiation.

Who am I talking to?  This determines the audience, our audience. We have to be very clear about who we are going to talk to. Our brand is an act of communication, first and foremost.

Are the name and logo easy to remember? We are creating something that has to be simple to remember and, at the same time, should stand out.

Is it adaptable to its secondary uses? Where will the logotype be used natively? Online? Printed or Digital media? Is it the name of a mobile app or a supermarket? We need to make a list of the expected uses of the logo and prioritize them. Then make sure they are adaptable to all possible applications that the brand may have.

Does it work well in its three basic modes: color, grayscale and ink? Does it work well with white background and with a black or colored background? Does it look good in large and small size? We need to make sure we create a logo that works in all of these scenarios properly.

Is it original? Does it really have to? Originality is not always something sought for or desirable. In this sense, the creativity required to come up with something that works may pass unnoticed. But it’s about creating a logo that works for its purpose, and being original not always fits in this equation. This is something we have to be careful with. That being said, it’s healthy to explore and try some “creative” versions of an idea, if only to confirm that it doesn’t go in that direction.

Is it enduring or long lasting? This is an interesting question, because truth be told, big brands have not always asked this question or have ‘timelessness’ as a variable. Still, when we think about something that should last, it’s more a matter of assessing whether the elements we are using to build our brand are a hype or they can actually pass the test of times. There are designs or styles that are fashionable today and next year are totally “out”. Examples abound. We have to think smart when it comes to opting for one of these styles.

We go through all these points together, as a collaborative creative process. We designers work like a coach: we are going to help you get where you want to go. That’s our job. To do this, we have to work together, because the conception of a brand is a group creative act and that must necessarily arise from joint exploration. If you can answer these questions with a solid justification, quite possibly your logo and your brand is going to be a success. Visit my portfolio to see examples of logos and graphic brands I’ve designed during my career.

Designing attractive stationery, handouts and street advertising

Once you have your brand design, your business DNA, name and logo, you will probably need a website, to be there for your clients and consumers on the Internet, active social media profiles and create a some graphic design deliverables to bring tangibility to your project or organization, to do your marketing and be remembered. Digital and printed designs that are usually developed for a project are:

Personal and business cards – it’s your presentation, your cover letter that you always carry with you.

A flyer, handout, brochure or triptych – for a more commercial purpose, that can be handed out.

Posters, billboards and banners to dress up your location and to make advertising.

Stationery: letterhead, envelopes, bags, notebooks, notepads, pens, etc.

Signage: if your project has a physical space – a practice, an office, a shop – internal indications are designed.

Other Applications in clothing or other substrates, depending on your activity.

The process of creating and designing a brand

The work involves a few stages with different timing and approach:

Budget Estimation

With a meeting or phone conversation -if we are working remotely- we have a first approach to the project and your goals. We outline a tentative budget and an estimated working time on what we adjust and agree to move forward. The first payment is made.


With a few ongoing meetings and conversations, we outline in detail what we want to build and convey with this brand design, logo or graphic piece. We jot down keywords, impressions, thoughts, phrases, colors, elements, and any other resources that can serve as the basis and inspiration for creating your project’s DNA and logo.

This brainstorming process is poured into a summary document and a first approach to your project’s brand system. Visit my portfolio for examples. 

Brand Design

The work of creating the logo and the whole system of colors, shapes, and elements that make up the brand identity is done by exploring ideas, inspirations that you have about things that you like, thinking about the objectives of your project, company or organization. Your tagline, slogan or leit motiv, words, colors and emotions you want to include in your brand.

We make three designs (with iterations and mixing of concepts), on this is discussed and corrected up to 3 times, until we reach the desired graphics and its core elements.

In addition, the color palette, shapes, and other elements required for the design of the website and for any graphic or digital piece can be produced separately.

A Brand manual with all documentation is delivered, and the logo is delivered in all standard file formats for use by porterior (Vectori or Curves: AI Illustrator, PDF, EPS, SVG and bitmap PNG, JPG, TIFF in various sizes and resolutions).

Additional Material

Along with the creation of your brand, logo and business DNA, we will develop all the additional pieces you require: signage, stationery, advertising material and so on.


Web design in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Web Design

Website design, one-page and landing pages. WordPress development, dynamic sites with CMS. Responsive design (correct display on mobile and tablets). Redesign, mockups and pixel perfect prototyping. Custom developments. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQL.

Logo design, corporate identity, brand in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graphic Design

Business Identity design: Brand, logo and branding. Typography. Stationery design: business cards, flyers, posters, street ads, banners and billboards, brochures and signs. Album covers. Brand manual and style guide creation.

Photographer for events, books, catalogs, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photography & Video

Photography for corporate events and celebrations, weddings and parties. Product photography and outdoors location shootings. Mugshots. Portraits. Catalogues and Books. Video production: documentary, commercials, short films, music clips. Scribe and animation.

Content writer, reviewer and editor. Buenos Aires Argentina translator


Content creation for websites, advertising and advertising. Copywrite, proofreading and editing of all kinds of texts, ads, papers and literature. Storytelling techniques.

Digital Marketing & Social Media. Online advertising in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marketing & Social Media

S.E.O. Search Engine Optimisation for websites. Organic search results. Digital Advertising: Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram Ads. Social media profiles and community management.

Translation english spanish, subtitles, closed captions

Translation & Subtitles

English – Spanish translations and Subtitles. General language, academic papers, business copywrite and legal documments. Subtitles for movies, talks, events, commercials and all kinds of videos. Review and proofreading.

Gisela Giardino

Gisela Giardino

Digital Designer

Hi! Since 2002 I work in web design, graphic design, digital services, content creation and English-Spanish translations. In 2010 I turned into a professional photographer as well, shooting mostly corporate and social events. My work keeps me in constant training, motion and connection with diverse people, disciplines, places and worldviews. This is for me the most wonderful thing about my career. I became a TED translator, creating subtitles for in 2008. I attended TED 2011 in Long Beach and since then I am part of the organizing team of TEDxRíodelaPlata, in charge of the English-Spanish subtitles of the talks and the photography of the events. In all these years I put together a wonderful team of professionals that help me deliver high quality services, consistently. I studied coaching and NLP to assist my clients should they required it. I am the singer of the pop rock band GO! and in my spare time I ride my Fiat 600 ’64. For more professional-friendly info, check my CV at Linkedin.

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